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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kansas Adventures, August; Part 1

For our August Kansas adventure, we invited our grandchildren.
The girls had done a lesson using Mr. Longitude (he's long) and Mrs. Latitude (she's fat) so our adventure was perfect! We were going to start the adventure Geo-caching!

Papa told the girls we were going to go treasure hunting using longitude and latitude on our GPS to find hidden surprises!

Hannah had the job of decrypting a hint of where the treasure might be.

"You can reach it from the fire hydrant"

Sophia turns 4 on Monday and today she sat in her "new" -passed down from sister- booster seat! She was so excited to sit like a big girl!

Our GPS took us here.

We didn't see a fire hydrant. Where was it? Hidden by the brush beside a bridge.

And under the bush, you can see the hidden cache!


We took 2 treasures, leaving 2 behind in their place. Logged in that we had been there on the notepad and put the cache box back under the brush for the next person to find it.

The girls wanted to go across the bridge.

" Take a picture of the river Nana! That will be one for the blog!"

(look how dry Kansas is this summer!)

On to the next adventure.....

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Momma H said...

Looks like great fun and fun learning.