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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trip to Arkansas

This past Wednesday afternoon, I drove down to Arkansas to see my babies.  I missed out on their birthday party.  Al and Mindy had gone down, but I couldn't leave Aunt Millie at that time.  I promised the kids I would try to come soon.

During the night, my son got quite ill with the stomach bug.  While he slept the next day, the kids and their mom and me went to the mall to pick out the kids' Christmas ornaments for the year.

They were pretty happy with what they chose!

Sister was too shy to see the man from the North Pole.  Brother thought he could at least give him a high five. He would not sit on his lap though.  When Emeri was 3, they were at the mall and said maybe she would want to visit Santa and sit on his lap.  "Why would I do that?  I don't know him!"

Riding the escalator a couple of times is a treat!

That evening Staci ended up getting sick too.  And everyone was in bed by 8:00.  Lucky for me I brought along my Christmas cards to work on just in case I had extra time.  The kids had bad colds and with both parents down with this crud I am glad I thought to bring along my echinacea, L-Lysine and Zicam!  Seriously, the combination of those do help me!  It has kept me from colds for a couple of years!  Wish it worked on Rocky Mountain symptoms.

While the parents slept in the next day, we 3 had fun together!   We read books, had ourselves a breakfast, played beauty shop, played with cars, and in the afternoon we played outside and went for a walk.  Staci felt up to joining us.  But Josh was still sick.  He had to cancel worship team practice. 

Eli got a hair cut. 

Funny girl!

And funny boy!

I had such a good time!  So glad I was able to help Josh and Staci out so they could rest.

Emeri said she wished we lived on the other side of their house (their other grandparents live right beside them too) and that Sophie, Hannah and Claire would live in the next house so we could all live in the same neighborhood.  Wouldn't that be fun??!!

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Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Having our kids as neighbors is a SWEET BLESSING of life!!!

Great pics! Your headband is a lovely touch! :)