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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Art Museum

While I was visiting the kids, we went to Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville.  It was free!  Admission is sponsored by Walmart.  Did you know Walmart got its beginnings in Bentonville?  The headquarters are there.

There is an alphabetical "brain" inside the museum, to the entry of the restaurant.

You've heard of the glass slipper?  Here is a glass dress!

The image of the George Washington on our $1 bill is based on this 1797 portrait of him below.

Such a beautiful family.  (ha ha ha!)

Eli was fascinated with this painting called "A Close Call" by Arthur Tait.  Evidently the dogs must keep the bear from killing the hunter, based on the title.  You can see another hunter in the background coming to the rescue.

"Rosie the Riveter" by Norman Rockwell, 1943  (when so many women entered the work force when so many men went to war)

The children were getting pretty restless, and the museum had just the place for little ones to go!

I am not a big fan of modern art.  The title of the painting below is "Breakfast Table", by Stuart Davis, 1917.  Huh????  Can't see it.

Emeri looked at this painting and said "A kid could draw that!"  A few museum guests chuckled at her comment.  I'm sure the artist would have been peeved!

Self "portrait" of Evan Penny, 1953.  Pretty cool.

I really liked this last painting by Tom Uttech  (similar to Utecht!  Wonder if there is some relation - both from Wisconsin!). By the woman's elbow, you can see a lone bear, watching all that is going on.  If you look at all the animals and birds, they are all running and flying in one direction.  It would be fun to count how many critters are on this.  It looks as if they are fleeing a fire.

The artist, Tom Uttech
 And my son-in-law.  A Utecht.  What do you think?

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