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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Down to Arkansas

This past week I drove to Arkansas to spend time with these 2 precious grandchildren!

Because it is Kansas' birthday this week, I gave both the Kansas and Arkansas grandchildren the book, The Wizard of Oz along with Toto (from Kohl's).  I was 20 before I ever heard that story and I thought they should know it.  A long book - it takes an hour to read, but the children were very attentive!

Eli was thrilled that his Kansas cousins had a dinosaur book and a dinosaur for him.  He has decided it goes to bed with him, along with his favorite stuffed lion, Li-li (pronounced lie-lie).

The kids were anxious to start each day - very early!  Their parents purchased this alarm clock for them.  The children are not allowed out of bed until the clock turns green at 7:00 am.  Before that time, it is yellow and that means they are supposed to stay in bed; quietly.

As soon as the light turned color, they were ready to jump out of bed and begin the day!

The first couple of days were very pleasant.  Can hardly believe it is January!
We enjoyed playing outside!

We made lots of crafts....


Eli practiced writing his name.

One morning it was rather chilly so Emeri went outside to give Molly a warm cover.

We played hide 'n' seek all over the house!

Josh got a hammer dulcimer and is learning how to play it.  I enjoyed hearing the sound of Rich Mullins!

Staci sent a video - Josh just got this and he's learned a lot in a weeks' time!

One day we went to Marketplace for lunch (our favorite place to eat in Springdale!) and met their friend, Mr. Jason, who is a missionary pediatrician in Mali, Africa.  My Aunt Treva was a midwife in Mali for over 30 years.  This past week many missionaries in Mali have had to evacuate due to terrorist activity.  Please pray for that nation.

 What a joyous time with my kids!

Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.   Proverbs 17:6

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