Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A walk

The flowering crab across the creek are so beautiful!

I enjoy the birds who come to visit  - an oriole

Harris' sparrow

the woodpecker who comes each day 

amazing how he can reach through the wires to get at a peanut!

I noticed something a little cock eyed.  My feeder was not where it was supposed to be!


I believe these are the culprits!  They were also digging in my flower bed on the deck and I found a geranium on the ground that needed to be repotted.  They must have been looking for some seed that dropped from the feeder into the flowerbed.

Jill and Claire came and we took a walk around the lake.  What a beautiful walk!!  I had not taken my camera, so when they left, I went back on the walk around the lake with the camera!  There were pictures to be taken!! 

This swing is waiting for the children to get out of school!

There are so many dandelions!!  Seriously they pop out overnight!  I think you can almost watch them grow!

I heard my woodpecker and found him in the hedge tree!

Is this an American coot?

An oriole nest, I believe.  Hanging over the lake.

I heard chattering above my head

Last week we counted 24 turtle heads bobbing in the water!

 So you see the turtles in the water?
 The water reflection is so pretty!

Our first Canada goose babies!  Swimming with Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.

 Kingbird perched on top of the evergreen

 Look at this turtle's nose!

I came home through the back yard and guess who is perched on my deck looking for more food?  Maybe it is hard to tell, but it is the woodpecker sitting on the post.

I think winter might finally be done with here in Kansas??  It has been a crazy spring but we finally started up our fountain and I hope I don't have to cover my flowers again.  How I love walking and seeing God's hand in His creation!

Creation displays Your wondrous works!  Psalm 145:5


Anonymous said...

Love these pictures!! So beautiful!


Amy said...

You got some great pictures, Debbie! What kind of zoom lens do you use?