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Monday, May 6, 2013

Arkansas weekend

Our husbands were busy this weekend; Adam went to men's retreat and Al was involved in an interview with a church plant pastor so Jill and I decided to go down to Arkansas to see the cousins.

 The girls all traveled so well!

Emeri and Eli were so excited to see their far-away cousins from Kansas!

It was really cold.  It was May but it had just snowed the night before.  Em and Eli even made a May-man (a May snowman).
 I showed the girls how those twirly-birds off a maple tree works.

Emeri and Eli's other grandparents live right next door and they have a fish pond.  

The grandparents had a nest in the wreath in their door.  It looks like 2 different kinds of eggs!

On Saturday we celebrated their dog, Molly's birthday.
 They watched "Cars"

 They built a fort

We went back next door to their grandparents basement.  They have all the toys set up there and they had so much fun!

Claire had her own fun with the kids' toys

Saturday evening we went to Jump Zone.

 For having crazy socks, the kids got $2 off each


Bummer - being the oldest does have some disadvantages

A princess came to visit!
So much fun!

That evening after the kids went to bed 

Sunday morning - New Heights

All too soon, it was time to go back to Kansas

A 5 1/2 hour trip, but a stop at Culver's always helps!

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