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Monday, September 30, 2013

Still in Arkansas

Well, we aren't really still in Arkansas - I am just still posting about it.

As I was helping Emeri with her school work, she was to write a short essay of something that makes her happy.  We were not allowed to help her with spelling on this one project.

Mommy had been on a medical missions trip in Ethiopia with the James Initiative.

On the way there, we counted all the bikers on the highway.  Over 200!  Bikers from across the country were in Northwest Arkansas for Bikers, Blues and BBQ.  Over 40,000 of them!

Here come all the ladies who went on the trip!

The girl waving is Jill, who is a dentist.  We went on a medical missions trip with her to Puebla, Mexico 10 years ago!

There were other daddies and children there to meet the mommies who went on this trip.

It was fun to hear about the exciting adventures (like one of them getting her camera taken away for awhile because they didn't know they weren't allowed to photograph some building), and so sad to hear about all the sick children too.

It's always fun when mommies bring gifts back with them!!

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