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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rolling on home

I enjoy taking pictures around Josh's home.

A sign of fall

Josh's in-laws live next door.  We often spend the nights there - we call it the Prier Hotel!  They have a wonderful koi pond.

Dan lines the driveway with banana trees.  Quite unusual.  He has to dig them up for the winter, and put them in the basement of course.

With Staci home from Ethiopia, it was time for us to return to Kansas.  We had a great week with the grand kids!

We stopped outside of Jane at this pumpkin stand.  I got some pumpkins there last year also. The man who runs the stand told us an interesting story. He said that the town of Jane wanted to annex this little town (I couldn't get the name - Cavenaugh?  I asked him to spell it, but he didn't know how it was spelled).  He and his son are the only residents in this town, and they didn't want to be annexed.  They fought it.  Walmart happens to be in this strip of a town along Highway 71 and they joined the fight along with the other businesses. I guess they have not been annexed so far!

In Fredonia, we stopped for a break.  All along the way, we passed bikers going home from the Bikers, Blues and BBQ festival in NW Ark.

                      Rolling on home!

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