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Friday, October 4, 2013



 we took the girls to Graber's Hardware.  

Sophie asked if we were going to "our store", since it shares the same last name.
They are relation on both sides of the family, but not close.

our dear friend Angela, came for a visit from Oregon.
 She and her husband, Tony, and Joel and Kendall, were in one of our first young marrieds small groups.


we celebrated Al's birthday with our Kansas family

It was the first time my dad was able to see Adam and Jill's house!  It wasn't easy to maneuver him in the wheelchair but we were so happy to do so!  He loved seeing the fields and combines on the way too!

 The girls gave us a concert!

And lastly,


we babysat the Kansas grandchildren, while their mommy and daddy went to celebrate their 11th anniversary.

Claire was a little bored while the girls were in school.  She looked in the "I'm Bored" box, but thought Nana's billfold was more interesting than those suggestions!

On Saturday, we went to the Kaufman Museum for free museum day.

 This cabin belonged to Al's great-grandmother.

 The girls were not excited about the scary animals.  Claire was, but not the older ones.

They wanted to go see the horses that live by the museum.

The girls helped me decorate for fall.  

I'm excited about the season.  My favorite!

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