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Thursday, March 6, 2014


A concern of Jill's when she went on their Amigo 16 trip to Mexico was that Sophia was going to have ballet pictures taken on that Saturday.  She was not sure that Adam would really know how to apply Sophia's makeup that they require for the pictures, and to put up her hair.  I was asked if I would be willing.  
 The ballet director had sent makeup application directions.
 Jill video taped how to fix Sophia's hair.  That was great to follow!  Kind of like when you Google it and you can follow directions on You Tube.
 My beautiful ballerina (who just lost her first tooth!)
 I'm sure the pictures will turn out so pretty!  (for obvious reasons, they don't allow us in the room to take pictures)
The roads were slicking up due to ice so they were taking pictures quite fast.  There was no waiting!

Although it was getting bad outside, we decided to make a trip to see my mom in the nursing home, only 6 miles away.  She was so surprised and happy to see us!

We received the good news that Mom will be moving out of the rehabilitation unit and returning to the same facility that my Dad is in!  
 I will be moving her on Friday!

It was sleeting when we left Mom, but we decided to eat at Pizza Hut anyway.  It is such a treat!  See how happy they are?

After dropping them off, and creeping home (a little white knuckled), the sleet turned to snow.  Beautiful flakes!  This winter keeps going on and on and on.  I haven't had time to bring out my spring decorations so I guess that is ok.

We are all looking forward to Jill and Hannah's return.
Adam and the girls especially are missing them!
Perhaps they will bring the nice warm air of Mexico with them.

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You did a great job, Debby!