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Monday, March 3, 2014

Missions on my mind

Last month Al and I hosted 4 groups of young people who came through on a progressive missions "snack".  
I served Japanese snacks.

Osenbei or rice crackers
Shrimp crackers
Tangerines similar to our mikan
Soy nuts

I shared what it was like to grow up as a missionary kid.
What it is like to go to boarding school.
Culture shock coming to the U.S.
 Our friend, Joel Loewen, who is a missionary in Japan gave the kids a fun quiz.  And a challenge.

They also made other stops and learned about mission opportunities in Peru, France and the Mercy Ship work in East Africa.

This week my daughter and granddaughter, Hannah, are on a missions trip to Mexico.  Our church takes a group every year to serve at Children's Haven.  This is the 16th year!


This weekend we hosted our good friends, Dick and Donna, who are missionaries in Ethiopia.

  They are aunt and uncle to this sweet family from our church who are now also in Ethiopia.

We learned to know Dick and Donna years ago, when we moved to Newton.  We went to the same church.  There was a group of us who had been missionary kids and we had this connection that MK's have.

Our girls were friends.
When they went to Kenya, Africa as missionaries, we saved money for years and then made the trip to see them.  

              Al and our son, Josh were able to go on a hyena hunt. 

We had such fun reminiscing!  We laughed about the time Donna and I were chased by donkeys and hid in the bush.  We heard snake and crocodile stories and stayed up late and talked for hours.

Before leaving town today, they HAD to make a trip to Druber's, of course!  Years ago we regularly went there with the kids to eat those delicious donuts!!  Another "old" friend joined us.

 Adam stopped by with the kiddos.  This upcoming generation loves Druber's just as much!

Can't I have another one?

 This is a film about the Swart's ministry in Ethiopia.

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