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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A rainy day

I have a robin's nest right outside my kitchen window in the birch tree.
They can be just a little ugly until they get their feathers, I think.

* * * * *

Adam came with the girls to spend the day. 

It was his mother's day gift to Jill to have the day to herself; just to be able to organize the house without little children around.  She was thrilled!  They moved a year ago and she has just wanted to have such a day!

Adam took the girls to Druber's, our local donut shop.  Then they headed for the park but it began to rain so they came over to the house sooner than they had thought.

When the rain let up, we went for a walk to our "woods".

The "stone table", as our kids call it (from Narnia)

It began to rain again!  And thunder.
It isn't good to be under trees when it is doing that.

Since we have been in a drought situation in Kansas for 3 years, we don't mind this rain!

It is fun to sit on the deck and watch the rain.

 It came down hard!

Mama birdie made sure to keep her babies dry.

Job 5:10
"He gives rain on the earth  and sends water on the fields..."

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