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Monday, May 19, 2014

Enjoying the birds

I enjoy Kansas sunrises! 
This morning when I woke up, there had been a light shower and as I gazed out the window, I saw this rainbow.  It is probably too faint for you to notice, but there is a 2nd rainbow too!  Appropriately, our pastor's sermon today was the last in his series on Noah.
I've enjoyed the hummingbirds coming around lately. 

One morning as I looked up from my Bible reading, I noticed this little woodpecker!  I grabbed the camera but before I could really focus it took off.  But I did get this picture, even if it was fuzzy.  I was so excited to see this one!  I see the parent each day, but not a little one.

And look at this little brown thrasher!

I always look forward to the orioles that come this time of year.  I follow the migration on-line and when they arrive in Kansas, I get out the feeder to attract them to my yard!  I give them sugar water, grape jelly and orange slices.

 In the picture below, you can see both the male and female oriole.

I was a little surprised one day to see this oriole fly up to the hummingbird feeder!

Yellow finch

A little song I sing with the grandkids is this:

The birdies in the treetops sing their song
The angels chant their chorus all day long
The flowers in the garden blend their hue
So why don't you, why don't I praise Him too!
(see video below for tune)

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