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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Horse kind of day - part 1

I got to watch these precious 3 the other day!
All day!!

The first hour after they arrived, they wanted to watch a couple of shows on PBS.
They don't get to watch public tv at their home as channel 8 does not work in their town.

We had decided that we would go see the horses.
There are some horses close to where my parents live.

You walk through some woods to get there.

(Hannah took these 2 photos)

The other day when I went bird watching there, we had to go a long way around as the bridge was overflowing.  The creek was too swift to safely walk on the bridge.  I wasn't sure how it would be this day.  We have had a lot of rain!  One morning we had almost 3 inches!  It seems to rain every other day.  I think the drought in our area is over.  More rain predicted this weekend and next week.  Farmers can't get to their fields.
                                                                       south of our house

 back yard creek overflowing

There was water running over the bridge, but we watched another family playing in it and decided that it was safe enough.  No drainage ditches to fall into either.

Claire loved it too and went back and forth.

Proverbial back side photo.
I don't know who started this, and maybe it is getting old.
But it is cute!

Around the bend - the horses!

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