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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A little project

The children enjoy crafts.  I got this idea for them from Meg's 
Whatever blog, where her kids made this butterfly craft.

 The kids painted a sheet of paper with lots of colors.

We purchased canvases and they painted those too.
They both wanted the same color.

I purchased some punchers (is that what they are called?) 
Emeri wanted a butterfly puncher.
Eli wanted one that cut out bats.

Eli decided he wanted to use both bats and butterflies. 

And Emeri selected butterflies for hers. 

While Emeri had been at school, Eli and I had done some shopping and since I got him a few things, Emeri needed a turn too.  She chose to go to the mall.

I had a great time with the children
but it was time to return to Kansas!
The wonderful thing was, they were following on my heels
to come and celebrate Sophia's birthday!

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