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Friday, September 12, 2014

Josh's come

I returned to Kansas on Friday.
I needed to make sure the house was ready, and did some grocery shopping.
The fridge was pretty bare!

On Saturday afternoon, Josh's arrived from Arkansas.

 Papa greets Elijah.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to see Grandpa Pete and Grandma Lois.
We picked my Dad up from his room and "drove" him to Mom's duplex. 

The painting behind Staci is a famous lookout point along the Nichinan coast where I grew up.  It was painted back in the day when the road was unpaved.  Here is a photo below.


Mom has a closet with some toys for the children to play with.  Emeri loves this tea set and served us all some "tea" and "coffee".

Mom has had this fun toy for years.  She got it from Avon.
My children used to play with it when they were little. 
 My parents always enjoy it when Josh plays hymns for them!  We had a little sing-a-long.

 His new guitar is really nice!  Hand designed by Dehradun Guitar in India.   Josh learned a lot about guitar from Dave Murray while at JBU.  Go to the webb site to hear the story behind how they make these guitars!

After a good visit, we took Dad back to the home.

It was lunch time so we dropped him off at the lunch table. 

Later that evening, Jill's family came over for dinner.  The children were playing so very nicely in the basement that we decided to go ahead and eat in peace and quiet!!  Ha ha!
 It wasn't long though and they came stomping up and exclaiming
              "You're eating without us????!!!"
 So they joined in on the dinner.


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