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Sunday, September 7, 2014


I may not have an outside "job", but that doesn't mean I don't work!  Lately, I've been on-call for my mother, church and my kids.  Before my mother went to the hospital, I had offered to help my son and wife with their kids.  Her mother was going to have surgery and Staci was going to be working more than usual since co-workers were going on vacation.

I was quite nervous about leaving my mother.  She was home from the hospital, but very weak.  I was helping her out daily.  But my husband and my 2 daughters said they would check in on her while I was gone, so off to Arkansas I drove.  It was a very hot day!

I stopped along the way for an iced coffee!

and a frozen yogurt!
Culver's is the BEST!

I got to Rogers just in time to be there for a worship time at Fellowship Bible.  It was called "The Well" - a creative night of worship for the collective church of Northwest Arkansas.  My son did keys, hammer dulcimer and acoustic, and Staci was in the worship choir.  I got to sit on the front row with the grandchildren and soak in the worship!  Here are some pictures that were posted on-line and I copied onto this post.

We got home well past the children's bed times and it was going to be a school day for Emeri the next day, but it had been such a well worth time, everyone raising their voices in praise.  A little taste of what heaven will be - except even louder!!

The next day Emeri went to school.
Eli did his own school work.
 And we read books.  We read this book over and over.  He LOVES this bear book!
Eli also liked for me to print out pictures of aircraft and dragons that he could cut out.

We also went to the park.

We got pretty sticky and hot so we stopped at
 I love Mama Carmen's and stop there nearly every time I go to Fayetteville!

Josh's church office is in a warehouse right across the street.  I texted him that we were there and he came right over!

Mama Carmen's has a little shop called the global shoppe.  Every item is made by poor women in underdeveloped coutries.  Click on the link to find out more!  I can always find something to get here!!

Josh got me this amazing chocolate too.  Oh my goodness!!!  They make only small batches of chocolate with hand-picked beans from single farms in different countries.
Check it out:  Kyya chocolate!  

Next stop:  Hobby Lobby to pick up some craft items to work on while I was there.  And Mr. Eli got to choose a few things for himself too!  He loves this foam sword that cost $3.99!  And of course, back at home a sword fight with my grandson ensued!

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