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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Claire's Quiet Book

When I asked Jill for ideas for Claire for Christmas, she suggested a quiet book.

I had made a couple of them years ago, even before I had kids.  For friends.

I was excited to do one for one of my grandkids!  

I looked on-line for ideas.  Just typed in "Quiet Book" images and there were lots that popped up! I began to make page after page.

The cover:
front cover

back cover

For the inside of the cover, I decided to use some fabric I had left over from a quilt I had made.  Mom had gotten this fabric for me from Japan.

 fishie crackers for inside the belly of the whale

 Claire LOVES the song "The Wheels of the Bus" so I just HAD to have a page with a bus and the baby that goes "Wa-wa-wa"!
 She can velcro the diaper, remove her pacifier and her "ba-ba" (blankie)


 Papa made a list for the farmer's chores for the day.

 finger puppet animals
 I used real collars from the store for Claire to buckle together.

 The flowers can be snapped off and exchange places.

I had to really think through how the pages would be arranged and sewn together. 
It's a pretty big book, but Claire does love it and that was the objective!

Even Adam enjoys it!

* * * * * *

When I wrote a blog about making my card table play house,  (I made two)  I got a comment from someone who thought I should not have stolen their ideas. - even though I was only making it for my grandchildren.  I was not profiting from anyone.  I took ideas from here and there from images posted on-line.  I think many people get ideas from others.  Afterall, isn't that the point of Pinterest?  So I am sorry if someone gets upset.

I had so much fun making this book, but I won't be making any more probably.  Making it once was enough with my arthiritis.  I appreciated all the ideas that prodded my mind and many of the ideas were ones that I thought of after looking at other's books.  I hope no one gets bent out of shape about it.   I certainly won't mind if people copy from me!