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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A happy day for Papas, potato guns and pool time!

 For Father's Day, my brother and his wife came from Kansas City along with Gracie.  Jill's family also came.  Claire was a little hesitant about Gracie at first.

Pool time!

We got out the potato gun.

We may have been having some target practice.....

We didn't actually hit them.  Mostly the potatoes went into the lake, but one did get kind of close and the geese took off running.

Al went to pick up Dad from the home.

He enjoyed being outside!

Dave and Linda showed the older girls how the new Apple phone watch works.

They want to save money for their own!

Adam, the grill master, working on brats and chicken!  Thank you, Adam!! 

 Claire showed us some dance moves.  She likes to hold up her arm like a ballet dancer.

 How old are you?

 What a great day for Papas, potato guns and time in the pool!

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