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Thursday, June 25, 2015

June birthdays

My mom's birthday is in June and my birthday follows the week after hers.  How special that Claire also shares a birthday this month too!

The day she was born 3 years ago.

My Dad was in the hospital the day of her birth as he'd had a stroke.  
He was in the rehab unit just down the hall so 2 hours after Claire was born, 
Mom wheeled him over to see his new great-granddaughter.

* * * * * *

We went to Claire's 3rd birthday party a few days ago.
Looking like rain.
We just didn't need any more rain!  
These wheat farmers were wanting to get into their fields!

 Claire ran out to greet us when we drove up.

The older girls made decorations from Legos.
(Elsa's castle)

We began our party with presents.

 The first present she opened was an Elsa dress and she HAD to put it on right away!!

She got a card that played "Let it Go" and she sang it over and over and over.
Al said we could have just got her the card and nothing else and she would have been happy!

 Can you tell we got her everything Frozen?

Claire chose to go to Pizza Hut for dinner.
Her favorite place!

Cake time!

Jill got 2 dolls from a dollar store, braided their hair and used the doll mold I had when I made princess cakes for my own girls when they were little.
I think my daughter is an incredible cake decorator!

Gramsie and Grandad skyped from Wisconsin to watch Claire blow out her candles.
 Three tries for the 3 year old (and maybe with a little help)
 And outside....
The clouds were getting quite ominous!

Time to say good-bye!

We always do silly good-bye dances!  Good-bye sweet Elsa and family!

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