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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Remembering Mom

Today my mother would have been 89 years old.

I don't guess they celebrate birthdays in heaven - 
maybe they celebrate their arrival day?  Dec. 15 of last year?

I know she is loving it there with Jesus and with the ones she loves!

My daughter suggested that we spend the day in remembering her.  
So we went to Mojo's for a little breakfast first.
I HAD to try a Grandma cookie!  Oh my goodness.  Soooo scrumptious.
Or maybe I should say "So tremendous!"  That was Mom's word!

 Next we went on a trail that Grandma took the girls on at times.

 Onbu - Japanese word for piggyback.
It is so much easier to carry babies on your back than on your side!

Even though we sprayed, the trail had lots of mosquitoes
 that were attacking us!
 Jill and Claire were shooing them off!

 There are 5 horses that come right up to the fence.



Bye-bye horsies!
We hurried through the mosquito infested woods and went to see Grandpa Pete.

There was a cookie bouquet for Father's Day from my brother and his wife in the room.  Linda had told us that the girls should help themselves to one of the cookies.  Thank you, Grandpa for sharing!

Of course we had to stop to see the birdies!

Next we went to Wendy's, because that was one of my mother's favorite places!

 She especially loved their Frosty's so of course we had to have those too!!

The girls had to go back home, but I went on another mission.
In memory of my mother, I purchased flowers for several of her close friends and delivered them.

Look what I saw while delivering them.
I have never seen a water tower being painted before and found it quite intriguing that they use paint rollers!

Happy birthday, Mom!!
             Miss you!

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