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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas celebrations

With the Christmas season, there are always a few celebrations and programs!

My 3 year old Sunday School class along with a couple of other classes sang at church.

We headed to our kids' town for Hannah's school program (Sophia will be in it next year)
We met the kids at their house and this little Diva welcomed us.

Guess we were just a little late in arriving?
On time, but late compared to others who got there early!
 Good job, Hannah!

The staff and elders of church went to see the Wiesman concert at Bethel.  This family performs in Branson but because one of the daughters lives here, they gave a Christmas show here.

Our cousin's daughter was sitting in front of us and we had a good time catching up on family news!

We had a young couple's Christmas party complete with gag/regift gifts.

 Sophia's class Christmas party:

The children's program at the kids' church.

This little boy cracks me up!

The last program will be our Christmas Eve program at church.  

And then our family Christmas celebration will be next week after Christmas Day!  

Celebrating Christ, the newborn King!

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