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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Our basement is almost completed! Except for some shelving, sound system and such. But done enough to have small group over last evening and meet in the basement!

We shared what we had done during our summer break. We showed pictures on our laptops. One couple went on an Alaskan cruise; two went to Mexico - one for a honeymoon, one on a mission's trip. One couple went to Wisconsin and another to Colorado. And another to California. Allen and I did our Kansas trips and finished the basement.

Thank you, Matt B. for making the extras for a coffee house look!

Al made this lamp back in college days. I love it!

Emeri peeking out of the window from the playhouse under the stairs.

This is the guest bathroom.

Christina joined our small group by skype. Someday she will be back and can join us downstairs! We enjoy company so come over some time! Coffee's ready anytime!


Nicole said...

Did you get your fireplace done by the Chimney and Stone Specialists out of McPherson? It looks awesome!

Rachel said...

yay!! It looks so amazing...and makes me want some coffee! I'm so glad you like everything!

The Veers said...

looks so so great!!! i love it... we might have to have 1 bible study over there to try it out=)

Prissypants said...

OH that looks awesome!! Great job! I really miss our basement! Kansas spoiled us(Its hard to find basements here that are liveable)

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Nicole, we did get the stone from there but we did it ourselves.

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

BEAUTIFUL! Looking forward to seeing it in person. Must say, you guys do GREAT work!

Amy said...

This looks amazing, Debbie! GREAT JOB!!

BlogMaster said...

LOVE it!!!!! so homey and i love the coffee theme. Can i come over? :o)