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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dad's funeral

It's been a week since we buried Al's Dad.

The family walked into the sanctuary to music of the quartet Al's dad was in many years ago. It was pretty scratchy, like old records are, but so cool to do that! Al's dad is the one on the left. His brother, Vic, who died many years ago, is on the right.

Sid (Al's brother) sang a song by Ricky Skaggs, "Thanks Again". Not a dry eye!

I've sent bouquets for Mother's Day, for Father's Day a shirt and a card
While they came from the heart, they fell short
Of saying how special you both are.
It wasn't 'till I was up and grown, married with a couple of kids of my own
Doing what mommas and daddys do
That I realized what I must have put you through.

So Thanks Again, for the love in the cradle
And all of the changes that kept me dry
Thanks Again, for the love at our table
And paddlin' my bottom when I told you a lie
For takin' me fishin' and flyin' my kite
And tuckin' me in, yes night after night
To my beautiful life-long friends, hey mom and daddy
Thanks Again.

I'm still a young man, at least I think I am,
But I'm watchin' my own hair turn grey
And your call last Sunday brought to mind
That I owe you debt, I can never repay

So, Thanks Again, for worryin' and waitin'
when I started datin' on weekend nights
Thanks again, for the help with my homework
And sittin' up with me 'till I got it right
Your car for the prom, your letters in 'Nam
But most of all, Daddy for marryin' Mom
To my beautiful life-long friends, hey mom and daddy Thanks Again.

Adam, Josh and Susie did "It Is Not Death To Die" based on an 1832 hymn.

It is not Death to die, to leave this weary road,
and join the saints who dwell on high,
who’ve found their home with God.
It is not death to close the eyes long dimmed by tears,
and wake in joy before your throne,
delivered from our fears.

O Jesus, conquering the grave,
your precious blood has power to save.
Those who trust in you will in your mercy find
that it is not death to die.

At the grave site everyone sang "Great Is Thy Faithfulness". And He is!!

The women of the church provided a nice lunch. We all laughed that the dessert table was longer than the main meal table!
Our nephew with his nephew. Tie switch!
And our family. Without Dad.

Bye, Dad. Until we meet again!

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Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

So sorry to learn of the passing of Al's Dad. Home-going is bittersweet, isn't it. Wonderful thing is the HOPE we have of a sweet reunion "on the other side".

Blessings to you and Al and all of your family. May God's comfort continue to cover your hearts!