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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving over

People have moved on to decorating for Christmas, but I am not ready just yet. I have enjoyed Thanksgiving so much! It is one of my favorite holidays! A time to reflect on His many blessings. To thank God. A time to get together with family.
What fun to have our Arkansas babies here - to squeeze and love on them! The grandchildren love to play with their Papa!

We had the Voran Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day.

Aunt Millie and Sophia

Water or Raspberry/Mango tea?

Mom makes the most beautiful presentation with a turkey!

When I was growing up in Japan, Dad always carved the turkey at the table. We have kept up that tradition.
Eli DID NOT like the sound of the electric knife!

On Saturday, we had the Graber Thanksgiving.

With the Graber family, we just serve turkey already cut up, along with some ham. Too large a family to all sit together at the table so it doesn't make sense to cut the turkey at the table.

More, mommy, more! (looks just like a baby birdie!)


The teens ate downstairs. Another thing to be thankful for - a finished basement!! After living 6 years at this house. Allen did such a great job!!! And I am so grateful for him!!
After dinner, we played Imaginiff and Sardines. What fun family times!

So, now Thanksgiving is over. I guess I need to think about getting out those Christmas decorations. Better get in the mood! I do LOVE to celebrate Christ's birth - but I just love fall and am not so fond of winter and cold weather. Oh well, those Salvation Army bells are ringing and there is no getting around all those decorations in the stores. 28 more days to Christmas!

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